Friday, October 24, 2014

Funding and Fellowships

Funding an education can be an important factor when deciding on a program.  I want to share with you information about funding a doctoral degree at UMSI:

All PhD students in the School of Information are guaranteed a minimum of four years of funding, contingent on successful academic performance and progress toward your degree. This support includes tuition and stipend for four fall and four winter terms and year-round health benefits, if making progress toward your degree. Funding also includes a stipend for one summer term. Additional funding may be available and I want to highlight two fellowships are described below:

1.     The Learning Health Fellows Program (a new fellowship) is supported by the Department of Learning Health Sciences (DLHS) in the University of Michigan Medical School.  DLHS is the first-in-the-nation department focused on learning applied to health at all levels of scale:  individuals, teams, organizations, and ultra-large scale systems. 
2.     The Open Data Research Fellowship program allows students to engage in a vibrant set of research activities at the University of Michigan in the conduct of responsible data-intensive science and engineering. The work involves faculty and doctoral students from UMSI, computer science and engineering, bioinformatics, materials science, and chemical engineering.

For other financial aid, such as loans and grants, contact the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid (734 763-6600). In addition, the Rackham Fellowships Office (734 764-8119) has information on fellowships and scholarships from outside agencies.  See our research section about research grants and fellowships available within UMSI.

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